Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the need to answer certain queries which our students may have in their mind. You can also refer to our website for further information. We are providing you a FAQ section however, please free to address your queries to us if you have any, apart from the informations we have already given you.

Q. What special benefits do I get as a yoga aspirant if I book my retreat or course through
A. You can get great discounts on many retreats and teacher training courses. Moreover the best thing is you can compare the facilities and prices and chose from different kind of yoga styles. Moreover yoga schools may bring some special discounted price at different times and you can see them at one place.

Q. How does it work?
A. The process is simple. You chose the location and school from the list of many small and big yoga centres mostly at discounted prices. Then you are required to pay a small booking fee which is the part of the whole course fee. Then at the designated date you check in the school of your choice and pay the rest amount to them directly.

Q. What is the refund policy? Or can I change the dates?
A. The fees paid as advance is non refundable, but you are allowed to change the date at the discretion of the school (depending upon availability of dates and places).

Q. After booking / applying for a course in a school, can I change the school or not?
A. Changing the school is not allowed after taking admission in a course. The advance fees paid shall not be refunded.

Q. If somehow course is cancelled by the school or they are overbooked, then what?
A. In very unusual situations or extreme situations a school may can cancel their courses/retreat or might be overbooked. In that case your full advance fee shall be refunded by the school and will also offer the chance to join some other school.

Q. What will be the language for the courses and retreats?
A. The instructions will be mostly given in English if it is not mentioned otherwise. There will be some Sanskrit terms too which will be explained in English.

Q. Will this certificate be good enough to teach yoga internationally in my country?
A. The certificate given by us for yoga teachers training is internationally valid and allows you to teach in your country unless there are some specific rules or regulations that we are not aware of this certification allows you to teach in almost all the major countries of the world.

Q. Is there any special dress code required?
A. Your travel advisiory will have the details related to the dress code. It is advisable to wear clothes according to the local customs. Course dress has been mentioned in the advisory.

Q. Is there any need to get vaccinated?
A. Vaccinations are not compulsory and you may or may not get them.

Q. What kind of visa should we apply for?
A. You are advised to apply for a tourist visa and mention the purpose of the visit as tourism to experience yoga or a visit to any other tourist place. Please do not apply for student visa as we are not a university and so not eligible for student visa. You will have to contact the Indian embassy of your country for the tourist visa.

Q. Are the local markets good enough to cater to everyday needs?
A. Almost all the goods required for daily needs are available in the local markets.

Q. How much free time will I have to do my own things?
A. Weekdays will be more or less engaging and you may like to rest during the free time or utilize the time in reading and completing assignments. Sunday will be more relaxing and free for your own plan of actions. Still the various schools have different schedules. Still the simple rule is that retreats are more relaxing then Teacher training courses.

Q. How to reach Rishikesh
A. The closest international airport is NEW DELHI and it is well connected with almost all the major airports of the world. You will be provided transport facility from New Delhi to Rishikesh. There could be a night hall in case of incovinient flight timing. Rishikesh is about 240 kms from New Delhi.

Q. Is it possible to make an OFFLINE booking as i have problems in online payment?
A. Yes it is possible to make an offline booking by sending us an email. Please send us your request by an email or through our contact page.

Q. How safe is Rishikesh especially for a single woman?
A. Safety is an important issue and we assure you to provide special care as for us your safty is concerned.

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