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Ek Omkar Yoga and Meditation center Basho Huts,
Goa , Uttarakhand
India - 403524

Ek Omkar/Onkar is a symbol which means, “One With Everything”. The symbol is written in the Gurmukhi script and has several components.Ek stands for the Gurmukhi numeral “One”.On/Om is a combination or O and An stands for “Everything”. Kar is inferred and stands for “Creator”.Ek Omkar Yoga & Meditation center was founded by Aman and Deepak Walia with the motive of spreading Yoga all over the world and provide best Yoga Teacher Training to students by experts. Ek Omkar yoga is affiliated to Yoga Alliance USA for Yoga Teacher Training. Our team of highly experts and dedicated yogis help you gain in-depth knowledge of Yoga and ensure to bring about a spiritual transmutation in their Yoga students.

Covered Styles:
 Aman Mandeep
 Founder and lead teacher at Ek Omkar Yoga
 His physical awareness started in his teenage years as he intensely practiced sports, martial arts and attended the gym. The physical level was there, but something was missing. So he went to work and live in the Osho commune in Pune at twenty years old and got introduced to Osho’s meditations. It was a life changing time for him and was the first step into self-awareness. He then went to Dharamsala where he took hatha yoga classes, finding them a great addition to his physical and meditation activities and that it was the safest and smoothest way to practice both.
 Delphine Martin
  She was born and raised in Paris. She went to London to study Interior design and started her own interiors studio in Paris where she was renovating apartments and houses for many years. Even though her life in Paris and her job were very fulfilling, she felt she wanted something more. She started to go to Hatha, Sivananda, Vinyasa and Power yoga classes on a regular basis and really enjoyed the combination of movement, breath, body and mind awareness. But the real love story with yoga started on a trip to India where she realized this was a new way of living for her. She decided she would go back to India a few months later to do a 200-hour multi-style yoga teacher training course in North Goa. She started to teach in Arambol beach just 2 weeks after and loved it. After a 90-hour TTC the next year in Kerala to learn Prenatal yoga, she went back to Paris to teach Power yoga and Prenatal yoga. Her desire to learn more brought her to India once again to do a 300-hour TTC in Dharamsala where she also had the chance to meet its Holiness Dalaï Lama.
 Multi style Yoga Teacher
 Patricia`s Yoga journey started in early youth has grown out of deep interest in natural ways of healing. Being brought up close to nature and a harmonious life she was greatly supported and inspired by a family of naturopaths, healers as well as medical practitioners. Undertaken studies on eastern philosophy, psychology, and religions, Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, the practice of meditation and Chinese Martial Arts helped to deepen insight and brought clarity to the understanding body and mind relationship. Further practice of Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, Thai Massage along with accomplishing academic master degree in physiotherapy got her well established in a scientific approach to holistic treatments and develop her unique, alignment based teaching style balanced with a proper dose of deepest core touching guidance in meditation. Travelled and worked in different countries across Europe and Asia she came to the roots of Yoga in India and became multi style Yoga Teacher. Nowadays Patricia is bringing her knowledge and experience in Anatomy and physiology classes, meditation as well as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga Asana practice. Her work is filled with faith, love, and enthusiasm with a reasonable balance between spiritual and scientific approach.
 Shantam Baba
 Teaching of Meditation and Awareness Techniques
 Shantam Baba When you act without awareness; you are like a sleepwalker, who doesn’t know where he is walking. You just act on the strongest impulse- your mind controls you. And when you act with awareness, you take control of your mind. Shantam is a Yogi, meditation teacher and Yoga awareness consultant. He was born into a spiritual family. So his journey with Yoga and spirituality started from his home. Shantam has been OSHO’s disciple. He lives in Goa teaching meditation and spiritual process. He has experience with teaching various Meditation techniques of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra and countless techniques of cultivating awareness. His main focus is to keep it simple, conscious while celebrating life in all the dimensions. Shantam has delivered his teaching of meditation and awareness techniques in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many cities in India.
 Swami Dhyan Ankur
 Swami Dhyan Ankur has been a seeker of truth since 25 years. In his journey, he studied, experimented and meditated through various paths like Samkhya, Vedanta, Tantra, Zen, Taoism, Gurdjieff’s fourth-way & Yoga. His exploration has also encompassed various western paths like Breath Therapies, NLP, Hypnosis etc. Swami Dhyan Ankur gives discourses on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Vedanta, Samkhya and Bhagavad Geeta, and also facilitates various active and passive meditations.
 Shared Accommodation
 Double Bed, Attached Bathrooms, 24 hours water supply, Tables and Chairs, Free WiFi, Luggage Rack, 24 hours security guard
 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training
 Full Time
 1599  1551.03

  Tuition fee, Teacher training manual, Ek Omkar Yoga bag, Ek Omkar Yoga T-shirt, Accommodation, unlimited filtered drinking water, three times vegetarian meals(except Sundays), WiFi, free pick up from Goa airport and Madgoan train station, toilet paper, towels. We provide shared or private accommodation to students based on the number of students. Private accommodation will cost extra.

Batches and Fee Schedule

Sr. No. Yoga Courses Start Date End Date Actual Fee (USD) Discounted Fee
(Fee to Pay (USD))
Registration Fee(USD)
1 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2017-10-02 2017-10-27 1599 1551.03 175.89
2 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2017-11-05 2017-11-29 1599 1551.03 175.89
3 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2017-12-03 2017-12-28 1599 1551.03 175.89
4 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2018-01-08 2018-02-02 1599 1551.03 175.89
5 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2018-02-05 2018-03-02 1599 1551.03 175.89
6 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training 2018-03-05 2018-03-30 1599 1551.03 175.89
* All Prices are in US Dollar(USD).

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